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AWA Launches Chinese Website

Australian Wild Abalone (AWA) is the industry’s leading organisation for support and growth of Australian abalone. Together with the support of the Australian Seafood CRC and FRDC, a brand new website has been launched exclusively to the Chinese market.
The AWA has developed the new website, supplemented by social media campaigns, to coincide with their launch of a supply chain in Shanghai. The AWA believes this will strengthen Australia’s reputation as a supplier of premium abalone while securing their place in the Chinese market, both B2B and B2C.  This follows a trend moving away from farmed Chinese abalone, and seeking a higher quality product.  Australia currently produces half of the world’s wild caught abalone.

Executive Chair of Abalone Council Australia, Dean Lisson said, “Establishing the new China based AWA® website & social media is important to the program activities helping us to achieve our main objective of the AWA® program - “to create an awareness of and a preference for Australian Wild Abalone” – particularly in a global market that is increasingly connected to the internet and is becoming more discerning and sophisticated in its purchasing habits." 
The new website and Chinese social media platforms are now live in the beta stage and can be visited at:


Steve Cummins

Steve Cummins

Chairman and founder of Transworld Group as well as the Group's legal counsel, Steve has an international commercial and legal background, being admitted as a lawyer in the UK and Australia. He was a director of Kentucky Fried Chicken in Great Britain and Ireland, counsel to R J Reynolds-Nabisco and Pepsi Cola and strategic consultant to Thorn-EMI. He is also a past Member of Templeton College, Oxford Strategic Leadership Faculty and has lectured internationally on brand, IP development and business growth strategies.

Steve is at the forefront of the majority of Transworld projects to which he brings his many years of international legal, business and corporate know-how, skills and experience. He is principally engaged in providing the group with general legal advice, including matters related to corporate and business structuring, commercial contract negotiation, international licensing and start-ups, brand creation and development and strategies for market penetration and optimal value realisation.

Steve has been a leading figure in international licensing and roll out and played a major role in re-shaping the franchise sector in Australia. This included advising government, providing training and education and contributing to the current legislative, regulatory and good practice law and codes affecting the establishment and conduct of franchises within the country.

As Chairman of Transworld and its in-house legal counsel, Steve is responsible for guiding, directing as well as driving Transworld's global expansion and the take up of new projects.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Most Dangerous Job In The World?

Many professions carry risk, but none quite so much as that of the commercial abalone diver. For these intrepid individuals the work can be cold, wet and fraught with dangers, including strong currents and sharks.

Australia is the only country recommended by WWF Hong Kong as a sustainable source of wild-caught abalone. Australia's tiny state of Tasmania is the country's biggest source - bringing in almost 2,000 tonnes a year - or about a quarter of the world's wild abalone. Diving for wild abalone is year-round, but demand starts to increase around this time as processors and suppliers start to prepare for Lunar New Year.

That's why Fishing Investment and Management (FIM) – a Transworld Resources Limited (TRL) company and new member of the Transworld Group – is gearing up for business. As Australia's leading broker and advisor to the seafood industry, FIM handles the majority of abalone quota sales and valuations in Tasmania and Victoria. As well as brokering $multimillion deals, it is also involved in many aspects of the international fishing industry.

FIM was established in 1991 and after being acquired by TRL in 2013, it has consolidated its position as Australia's one-stop shop for all fisheries sales, valuations and asset management. More importantly, with the full weight of the Transworld Group and its international experience behind it, FIM can fulfil ambitious plans to expand the business into brokering highend seafood products into international markets. Exciting times ahead for us all in 2014.

Check out our recent visit to Tasmania and interviews with FIM's founders and leading figures in Tasmanian fisheries.

Welcome to Transworld Resources Limited – "TRL"

TRL - Watch this space

Transworld Resources Limited (TRL) is committed to building globally relevant enterprises across a diverse range of industries, with a particular focus on sustainable food production and preservation. Enhanced by a brand new website, TRL looks set to capture an even broader audience as it continues to expand and flourish its current project portfolio.

New features on the site will enable all of TRL’s social channels to be aligned in one place, facilitating across-the-board coverage across its current and evolving projects. This encompasses its YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ channels, all with tailored updates appropriate to each platform.

Team profiles provide viewers the opportunity to put a face to TRL’s constantly evolving projects. The team’s success comes from its diverse background including legal, financial, international business & development, agribusiness, brokerage, franchising and commercial diving.

Currently, the TRL website showcases two of its major projects, Fishing Investment and Management (FIM), and Tassea; both of which have a particular foundation in Tasmania, Australia – known for its excellence in food resource and production. Tassea specialises in world-class specialty goods sourced from Tasmania, whilst FIM operates from Tasmania offering leading fishing brokerage expertise and providing quota management & valuation services across Australia.

As Transworld Resources continues to grow so will the features and information on the site – watch this space for updates and opportunities.

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The TRL Team