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Transworld Resources Limited, an Isle of Man incorporation, is the natural resources division of the Transworld Group Limited and participates in the preservation, exploration, development and responsible trading of these resources.

The company engages in the trading of sustainable primary food assets with a focus on the Tasmania food sector that produces some of the finest sustainable land and sea food resources in the world.

It also supports the exploration, processing and trade in Responsible Gold, with an emphasis on providing project technical and operational services along with funding of ‘community’ gold mines with a commitment to the social, environmental, human rights and fair practice tenets of Responsible Gold in line with contributing to the local community in terms of social, heath and educational support.

Transworld Resources is also committed to the exploration and development of Helium resources, being a finite non 'greenhouse' gas with unique cryogenic qualities needed as a super coolant in the operation of MRI scanners and superconducting magnets, along with the production of silicon wafers.

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Welcome to Transworld Resources Limited – "TRL"

Transworld Resources Limited (TRL) is committed to preserving and supporting sustainable food production and engaging in the responsible trading of other natural resources. Enhanced by a brand new website, TRL looks set to capture an even broader audience as it continues to expand and flourish its current project portfolio.

New features on the site will enable all of TRL’s social channels to be aligned in one place, facilitating across-the-board coverage across its current and evolving projects. This encompasses its YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ channels, all with tailored updates appropriate to each platform.

Team profiles provide viewers the opportunity to put a face to TRL’s constantly evolving projects. The team’s success comes from its diverse background including legal, financial, international business & development, agribusiness, brokerage, franchising and commercial diving.

Currently, the TRL website showcases its activities in Responsible Gold mining and trading and Tasmanian natural foods resources brokerage and marketing.

As Transworld Resources continues to grow so will the features and information on the site – watch this space for updates and opportunities.

Thanks for stopping by,

The TRL Team